Houston Astros: Let’s Trade for Starter Recap

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Let’s Trade With the Brewers

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Kyle Lohse

Blake looked at what it would take to get Kyle Lohse for the 2015 playoff run, let’s look at the excerpts of his article, the full post could be found here.

“Now as the Astros sit atop the AL West (and American League), it seems more and more likely they become buyers at the trade deadline. While big names have been tossed around such as Johnny Cueto, Cole Hamels, or Scott Kazmir (which are all possible), I want to tone in on a smaller target.” – Blake Peremeter.

“By having loads of pitching seemingly accumulate in the farm system over the past few seasons, there are people to spare. Vincent Velasquez catches my eye. Although he has been a stud all of his minor league career, he still is not ready to make the jump. The Astros are in win now mode, and stability in the rotation is key to a team who is poised for October.” – Blake Peremeter.

The Trade Idea.

The Houston Astros trade Vincent Velasquez and a mid-round draft pick to the Milwaukee Brewers for Kyle Lohse. (Editors note, I know draft picks can’t be traded)

What Readers Thought of the Trade Idea?

Sounds good, make it happen Luhnow! – 35.4%

No way Milwaukee accepts that offer! – 8.9%

We Are giving up too much in trade! – 55.7%

Reader Comments

  • Trading draft picks? Only comp picks can be traded and they are all second-4th rounds unless I missed a collective bargaining agreement recently. And I don’t see Milwaukee holding any comp picks this year, and there is no way to guess when they will hold one.
  • Pass but I like where your head is with the non TOR guys…. They cost waaaaay less

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