Houston Astros: Let’s Make a Trade with the Phillies


As our let’s make a trade for a starting pitcher series comes to a close, another name came up in an article by Jon Heyman. This name may not be an exciting name, but he could be a good cheap add to the Astros rotation. Here is the quote from Heyman’s latest Inside Baseball. “Aaron Harang, who could emerge as a trade target for many teams, has at least been discussed by the Astros, who need to lengthen their rotation.”

Throughout the week, Astros fans have had mixed feelings about trading for a starting pitcher. Some people saw a greater need for one when the news broke that Scott Feldman would be missing at least six weeks due to a torn meniscus in his knee. While the Astros have Brett Oberholtzer coming up to take Feldman’s spot in the rotation on Monday, Lance McCullers Jr. has failed to go five innings for the second time in three games. Collin McHugh has been very hittable lately while Roberto Hernandez has pitched decently for the Astros.

While the Astros had not expected to win this season. However, they will have to make a decision at some point about whether to add a veteran arm to the rotation or stick with in-house as CTH’s Jeff wrote about here.

Who is Aaron Harang?

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If Harang sounds like an older baseball player, it is because he has played MLB baseball for about 16 seasons, and he is currently a young 37-years-old. He has had a 126-132 career record with a 4.14 ERA and has averaged 7.2 strikeouts per nine innings. He spent the most time with the Cincinnati Reds but has made stops at Oakland, San Diego, LA Dodgers, Seattle, Mets, Atlanta, and now Philadephia. At one point in his career, he was a dominating starter with the Reds winning 16 games each season while striking out 216+ batters from 2006-07.

Aaron Harang is having a great year, they say pitchers get better with age. Could this be the case of him learning how to pitch with digressing stuff, or has he been really lucky this year? With the Phillies in 2015, he has a 4-4 record with a 1.93 ERA and has 6.3 strikeouts per nine innings pitched.

Did you just do a double take when you read the record and the ERA stats? An ERA that low would normally lead to more wins, but you have to understand that he currently plays for a team that has the worst run support in baseball.

Aaron Harang Trade Idea

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While Harang could be another Roberto Hernadez with a little better stuff, he is 37 years old. You wouldn’t want to give up the farm for him because his resume the past several years states that he is on a new team each year. Last year, Harang split time between the Indians and Braves because the Indians released him. It’s hard to predict what to expect from Harang, but with an improved offensive team, Harang could produce a few more wins for a team that trades for him.

What would Jeff Luhnow have to give up for an older rental player? Even though it’s hard to predict what the Astros will do. The Phillies regretted including Domingo Santana as the player to be named later in the Hunter Pence trade. Maybe the trade could be centered on Santana and maybe a lower level pitching prospect such as Adrian Houser.

The Houston Astros trade (of) Domingo Santana and (RHP)Adrian Houser to the Philadephia Phillies for (RHP) Aaron Harang and cash

Why Would the Astros do Trade?

While Santana is still a top prospect despite how he flopped with the Astros in 2014. He seems to have regained his swing along with Jon Singleton in Fresno this year. However, they have Preston Tucker, George Springer, and Jake Marisnick in the fold for the next several years. Meanwhile Brett Phillips, Teoscar Hernandez, and Tony Kemp (he is currently a second baseman who could be moved to the outfield).

While I’d rather just do a straight up trade involving Colby Rasmus and Jonathan Villar for Harang. I don’t see the Phillies trading for veteran players. Would you be excited to see Harang in an Astros uniform?Too early to tell, but he could be a good addition for the Astros for the right price. Let’s play the price is right Jeff Luhnow, get a starting pitcher for the right price.

While CTH will continue to cover the Astros trade rumors, this is the last post of the series. On Monday, I will do a recap of all the trade ideas, and your input via the Google Form voting.

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