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Alec Brown, Site Expert

Site Expert for Climbing Tal's Hill. Astros diehard. Lover of stories, good coffee, the 6-4-3 and Houston, Texas. If I'm not here, check the golf course. Follow @AlecBrown1755 on Twitter.

Matthew Creally, Contributor

Diehard baseball fan with an affinity for analytical and video analysis. Born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area. Follow @mattjcreally on Twitter.

Brian Dunleavy, Contributor

Stros' fan since birth in the great land of Roger Clemens Katy, Tx. Went to my first Astros game in the dome with the Ryan Express on the bump and have been a fan ever since. Former Div. I baseball player and high school coach now, working and taking care of my family and having a fun time. Lets Go Stros!

Joe Fernandez, Contributor

Born just outside of Boston but raised in Houston. Mom raised me an Astros fan because she didn't want her son rooting for "Fake Baseball" with the Designated Hitter. Funny how things work out. But I'm too steeped in my Houston fandom to leave now. Currently residing in Chicago, constantly arguing about how the Rockets still would have won the championship in '94 even if Jordan was there (And how they did win when he was there in '95. And no, he wasn't "rusty." I welcome any and all challengers on this argument.) Follow @joefernandez84 on Twitter.

Damien Flores, Contributor

A young and aspired writer that loves to express my thoughts about sports through articles. Follow @cozyoverload on Twitter.

Paul Conlon, Contributor

Paul Conlon is a native Houstonian, a lover of all things baseball, as well as a Rice alumnus, whose recent release, The Sociopath’s Playbook, is available online at major booksellers everywhere. Conlon enjoys watching and participating in America’s pastime, and has received five at-bats at Fenway Park during an adult recreational baseball tournament. He struck out twice and hit a single.

Christian Jaz Espinoza, Contributor

Christian Espinoza studied Communications at University of Central Missouri. He contributed to the collegiate newspaper, and various other local print publications, covering areas ranging from pop culture, music, sports and current affairs. Christian brings his passion for sports and writing to the FanSided network. Follow @jaz_e24 on Twitter.

Jackson Crawford, Contributor

Jackson Crawford is a senior communications student at the University of Texas. Jackson got his start as a journalist in the California Collegiate League and most recently wrote for the award-winning paper, The Daily Texan. A native of Houston, Texas, currently residing just north in Austin, Jackson is a paid contributor for Climbing Tal's Hill for Fansided. Follow @JacksonCraw12 on Twitter.


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