Houston Astros: Let’s Trade for Starter Recap

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There were two other trade ideas that I will briefly mention here.

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Jeff Samardzija

Brian wrote about possibly making a trade for White Sox Jeff Samardzija. We forgot to include a vote for this trade, but we can still add a few excerpts and comments from the readers. Should you wish to read the full article, you can look here.

“Samardzija is now just 30-years-old and is currently pitching for the Chicago White Sox.  He is due to become a free agent after the season, so immediately alarm bells go off if I’m an Astros fan.  Like Cueto, Samardzija could easily leave for another team desperate for pitching in the offseason.  The bidding to acquire either of these big arms could also be high.  I think that Astros General Manager Jeff Luhnow is very hesitant to trade some of his prized prospects for a pitcher that is free to leave at the end of the season.  The impending free agent status is why Cole Hamels, who is locked up for several more years, is a more attractive option.” – Brian Del Castillo.

The Trade Idea

The Chicago White Sox trade (RHP) Jeff Samardzija to the Houston Astros for (RHP) Vincent Velasquez and (C) Max Stassi

Readers Comments

  • What are the odds the Astros acquire a front end of the rotation starter this year by trade? Is it possible we stick to developing our own prospects and keep the talent train pushing from the farm? Right now I’m saying 60% we make a move. Smardjzia is not that high on my list either. He would be a nice addition to this staff, but I don’t want a rental at the expense of 3 prospects.
  • I don’t see Samardzija stepping up in front of either Beard or McHugh. That would make him a #3 starter. While I agree it would improve us it is not what we need. We do not need to spend prospects to rent a #3 pitcher.

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Trade Colby Rasmus to Anyone

Andy went against the purpose of the series, but he did bring up a good question about what to do with Rasmus. Let’s look at some of his excerpts from his post, the full article can be found here.

“The Astros are stacked in the outfield. Preston Tucker has proven to be a valuable (and clutch) Major League hitter thus far. Even if he starts to struggle, there are a few outfielders in Fresno who has the potential to fill his shoes (i.e. Domingo Santana,Robbie Grossman). I don’t think I need to tell you how much Jake Marisnick and George Springer have contributed this season. With his one-year deal, Rasmus is the odd man out here.” – Andy Brown.

The Trade Idea

“Although Rasmus wouldn’t offer much of a reprise with his low average and high strikeouts, the Yanks might be willing to take a flyer on his defense and power numbers. This idea isn’t the flashy blockbuster we’re all hoping for the Astros! But the return could be a quietly reliable starting arm with some upside, like Alvin High School (yes, Nolan Ryan’s Alvin HS) product Nathan Eovaldi. His numbers aren’t the flashiest, but he’s only 25, and pitching coach Brent Strom has proven to be the Young Pitcher Whisperer (see Dallas Keuchel, Collin McHugh) since coming to Houston.” – Andy Brown.

What readers thought of the trade idea?

Yes – 59%

No – 35%

Maybe So – 6%

Reader Comments

  • Trade Marisnick before the season is over it will be very apparent why he has been traded from team to team his entire career.
  • Go for a solid middle of rotation man.
  • #letthekidsplay
  • We would need a good, dependable starting pitcher in exchange for him.
  • That sounds amazing, don’t trade Preston Tucker, he’s a franchise player!
  • You can’t get much for Rasmus, maybe a bottom of the order guy.

Overall Thoughts of the Trade Ideas

We are not GM’s, these were ideas to get the readers ready for the costs to trade for a starting pitcher. Remember last year when the Athletics traded Addison Russell for Samardzija? The Astros will not be trading Carlos Correa, but the other prospects may be had.

Which trade offer did you like the best?

Which one were you surprised that so many people liked?

Check back here often during the trade deadline countdown, as we analyze the rumors from the big boys in baseball. This will be an interesting year with the Astros in contention. Are there any Randy Johnson‘s out there to be had, and at what cost? Expect Jeff Luhnow to be getting phone calls left and right.

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