Astros Draft Targets: A Case For Alex Bregman


With the latest installment of potential players the Houston Astros and GM Jeff Luhnow might be targeting in next week’s MLB draft, I will be focusing on LSU’s talented shortstop Alex Bregman.

Who Is Alex Bregman?

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Bregman is a 6’0, 190 lb. a shortstop from the LSU Tigers. He was considered of the most talented pure hitters coming out of high school and was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in the 2012 draft.

However, he fell to the 29th round because of the belief that he would honor his college commitment. He went on from his prep career in New Mexico to LSU where he was 2013 Freshman of the Year and has been a three-year starter with the Tigers.

He’s a right-handed hitter with, what scouts describe as, a quick, mechanically sound swing. His approach at the plate is considered aggressive, but he is extremely capable of drawing walks with a solid understanding of the strike zone.

In 2013, on his way to being named the top freshman in college baseball, he hit .369 in 282 At Bats. He hit 18 doubles that year along with seven triples and six home runs. He followed that up in 2014, batting .316 while hitting six home runs and 16 doubles.

Bregman has hit .318 with nine home runs and 22 doubles in 2015. He has also increased his walk total in each of his college seasons while cutting his strikeouts down to 20 in 238 at-bats this year.

With his aggressive approach at the plate and his size, he draws comparisons to Boston’s Dustin Pedroia from scouts.

Does Bregman Fit The Astros?

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At first glance, it is easy to make a snap judgment either way. On one hand, he is one of the two top college hitters in this draft. Picking between he and Swanson is really just a matter of preferences. He’s got a quick, mechanically solid swing and possesses a good knowledge of the strike zone, so he is considered a safe pick.

Taking him is a slam dunk, right? Why wouldn’t the Astros want him?

Well, now we get to that other hand. Bregman plays the same position Carlos Correa, Houston’s All-Everything mega prospect. If some scouts are correct and a move to second base is in Bregman’s pro future, the Astros have a guy named Jose Altuve entrenched there.

That’s the two positions he’s capable of playing manned by a guy who is leading the second base All-Star vote. He was an All-Star in 2014 as well and a guy who is considered the best prospect in all of baseball.

Things can change but unless, Correa makes a move to third base, or Altuve drops off, Bregman’s ultimate path to the Minute Maid Park is currently blocked.

The bottom line is Bregman is a talented hitter, and there is always room in a team’s system for a guy who understands the strike zone and can get on base. Houston has made it back to relevance because of a commitment to the minor league system and player development.

They shouldn’t be afraid of taking a player just because of who is ahead of him in the organizational pecking order. He should be available for the second overall pick if Luhnow is interested. The chances of him making it to them with the fifth overall pick are not as good. If they want him, they will probably have to make a move at number two.

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