Houston Astros: Let’s Trade for Starter Recap

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Let’s Make a Trade with the Reds

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Mike Leake

This was one of my ideas, to trade for Mike Leake of the Cincinnati Reds. When you think of Mike Leake, you don’t think of an ace pitcher. However, that is a good thing that he is not an ace because you can get him cheaper than a Johnny Cueto or Cole Hamels. Leake is a 27-year-old pitcher with five years of MLB experience in six seasons, all with the Cincinnati Reds. You can find my full article here.

According to ESPN’s article by Jim Bowden, The 20 players most likely to be dealt before the trade deadline, he gives the Astros a possible chance of landing Mike Leake. The following is a quote from the article on Leake;

"“Leake is one of the most underrated middle-of-the-rotation pitchers in baseball. He’s durable, affordable and would be a perfect fit in the Astros rotation afterDallas Keuchel and Collin McHugh.”-Bowden."

My trade idea was;

The Houston Astros trade (RHP) Michael Feliz and (Of) Teoscar Hernandez to the Cincinnati Reds for (RHP) Mike Leake.

What did the readers think of this trade?

Yes, I think it can work – 57.9%

No, giving up too much- 36.8%

Other – 5.3%

Let’s look at some of the readers comments

  • Astros could trade Tucker, Nottingham, Dyxhoorn and Feliz to White Sox for Samardzija.
  • I’m a Reds fan, and I like it and we’ll even throw in Brandon Phillips and eat half his salary.
  • Our farm system is too talented to be trading away for rentals. Let’s continue to grow the system and see what becomes of them. This is not our year to go to the WS. We are above where we are supposed to be. Keep going forward with what we have. Will get much more for some players later.
  • Leake for Santana and Feliz is fair or make a bigger deal, such as Leake and Frazier for Santana, Feliz, Moran and Velasquez
  • That would work. But not trading Mark Appel
  • Reds fan here. I actually like the deal – the Reds need a rebuild or at east a re-tooling. One note – the Reds are deep in pitching prospects but very, very thin on position prospects. This deal gives them an arm and importantly, talented position player, too. The Astros get a smart, crafty pitcher who is consistently good while eating innings. You’re right. Leake is not a top of the rotation pitcher, but he IS a terrific #3 to complement a team’s top 2 aces.

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