No Need for Houston Astros to Make A Deal

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Use the Farm Instead.

This is exactly what I am proposing. Find the help they need from Fresno and Corpus Christi. They have already shown that they are willing to make a move like promoting Lance McCullers Jr. There are plenty of other possible call ups in Double and Triple A. No, this isn’t the exciting move. In fact, it could be outright dangerous.

But, deadline deals and those done in the weeks leading up to it, are often completed by GMs that have their backs against the wall and are feeling the pressure to win. Right. This. Minute. Jeff Luhnow is not under that kind of pressure. Most predictions had the team finishing fifth in the AL West again, not to have a solid lead in the division heading into June.

So who is on the farm Luhnow could look at? Dan Straily, acquired with Luis Valbuena in the Dexter Fowler trade, is working on rebuilding his career Fresno. In his last two starts, he is 1-0 with 13 strikeouts and two walks with a 2.08 ERA. Tommy Shirley might not catch your attention but in his last three games for the Grizzlies he’s given up two runs, while striking out 16 and walking four.

In Double A Corpus, Chris Devenski is 5-0 with a 0.66 ERA. In the four games he’s pitched, Vince Velasquez is 2-0 with 28 strikeouts and seven walks and a 1.40 ERA. And then there is Mark Appel. The former number one pick is 3-0, but he has had an up and down season in his eight starts so far.

Not making a trade for a pitcher also involves another thought. The lineup so far is leading the league in home runs but near the bottom in batting average and on base percentage. George Springer has started to come out of his early season slog. Chris Carter and Evan Gattis could be close behind. And don’t forget that all-everything prospect, Carlos Correa could be in Houston in early June. There could be even more runs for the pitching staff to have to work with.

When Jim Crane bought the team and hired Luhnow, the team was adamant about promoting the idea of the process of rebuilding the organization from the ground up, even going as far as selling t-shirts with #Process on them. Now, #Process is showing all of us that it has been and is still working.

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