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Feb 26, 2015; Kissimmee, FL, USA; Houston Astros infielder Carlos Correa poses for a picture during photo day at Osceola County Stadium Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Astros prospect Carlos Correa has been the talk of Houston since Jed Lowrie‘s hand injury that will cause him to be out until after the All-Star break. Astros fans have discussed whether they should call up Correa or they leave him in the minors until after the super two deadline in June. The Astros have restarted their success at the major league level earlier than most people expected, as they sit alone in first place in the AL West. The Astros current weakness is at shortstop while Correa is tearing up AA hitting .370/ 7 HR’s/ 31 RBI/ 14 SB.

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Luhnow has come out recently and said that Correa will be promoted to Triple-A at some point in May. Astros owner Jim Crane has said that once Correa reaches Triple-A, all bets are off for him making his debut. This statement probably means once Correa gets his feet wet in Fresno, he will be up shortly after that. If the Astros want to win a championship this year, they need to add a player who has won a championship twice in the past two years. Correa has does so with Quad Cities and Lancaster. He also plays shortstop and was named the best prospect in fantasy baseball by

Whether it’s two weeks from now or two months from now, Correa will be up with the goal of helping the Astros win the World Series.

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