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Part 2: Correa on Correa

Mar 8, 2015; Lakeland, FL, USA; Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa (76) at a spring training baseball game against the Detroit Tigers at Joker Marchant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

CTH: What is your biggest flaw as a baseball player? How have you addressed this flaw?

Correa: Flaws? I am always working on all my tools as a baseball player. Trying to get stronger, so I can drive the ball further. The biggest thing that I have worked on is stealing bases because people said I wouldn’t steal too many bases. I have tried to make myself better by learning how to steal, working on my jumps and running faster. I’ve also tried to become more explosive on offense and defense. I work on every part of my game because my goal is to become the greatest shortstop I can be.

CTH: Well it is working, you have been really stealing bases at a good pace with 14 stolen bases so far. The most impressive thing for me was your three stolen base game!

Correa: Thanks man.

CTH: I’m sure you have heard the Troy Tulowitzki comparisons for yourself. Is that a fair comparison?

Correa: He is a good comparison of the player that I would like to become, which is the greatest shortstop. Tulowitzki has been a great player for many years, and I’m trying to be the best Carlos Correa I can be. I’m always looking to improve.

CTH: Do you consider yourself a home run hitter (with seven of them) or a gap hitter?

Correa: It’s too early in my career to figure that out yet, the stats will decide that at the end of the season. I just shoot for the gaps while making solid contact, and if it goes out it goes out. My hitting is something I constantly look at improving, by getting faster and stronger, to become the best.

CTH: I know that most prospects don’t pay attention to the top prospects rankings, but how do you feel about being near the top? (By the way, today you were named the top fantasy baseball prospect in baseball by

Correa: Players say that, but we are all competitors, and we want to be the best player. So we do pay attention to it because it motivates us to get better at our game. However, you have to live up to these expectations with your play in the minors, as well as when you get to the big leagues.

CTH: How would you describe your personality?

Correa: I am a very serious person when it comes to baseball, but I also like to have fun as well. I also like to be involved with the fans, and I get to games early enough that I can go sign autographs before the games. I like to create a relationship with the fans and make them excited to come to the games because it’s great to have the crowd’s support.

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