Happy Holidays: Holiday Wishlist For An Astros Fan

World Series - Philadelphia Phillies v Houston Astros - Game Six
World Series - Philadelphia Phillies v Houston Astros - Game Six / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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Nolan Ryan, J.R. Richard
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4) Tequila Sunrise Throwbacks

The greatest uniform in the history of baseball. The Astros have worn various throwbacks over the last couple of seasons, and their recent Space City Nike City Connect jersey touched on the history of these unfiforms.

Why not go beyond just drawing inspiration and wear the actual jerseys themselves? The tequila sunrise jerseys are iconic and would have fans lining up in the team store like they do after a World Series victory. Who wouldn't want to put a Jose Altuve or Alex Bregman throwback next to their Nolan Ryan or J.R. Richard in their closet?

At some point this season, Houston should bust these back out. They wore them back in 2014 against Seattle, but that was for a road game. They should rectify this wrong and wear them in front of their home crowd this year.