5 Left-Handed Bats the Astros May Target At the Trade Deadline

Dana Brown recently indicated a starting pitcher is his priority, but if Houston decides to pivot to a bat, or if they pursue both, these five bats may shore up some of their offensive imbalance.
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Seth Brown
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Seth Brown could be a cheap player to pair with a new starter.

If the Astros decide to go for a starter and bat, they may not have enough depth to land a top talent at the plate and on the hill. If they were to acquire a Stroman, Giolito or Rodriguez, an under-the-radar acquisition like Seth Brown could go a long way.

The A's are going nowhere fast (well, Las Vegas notwithstanding). They've begun calling up their top prospects to look further toward the future. Does Seth Brown have one in Oakland? Unlikely.

Last year Brown hit .230 with 25 bombs and a .749 OPS. This year his numbers have fallen to .201 with a .650 OPS.

He's still been successful against righties, however, which is one of Houston's biggest needs. He's hitting .242 with a .761 OPS. All eight of his home runs are against righties. If the opponents send out a lefty, he's a non-option. Brown is hitting .032 with a .199 OPS against lefties.

He'd be strictly a platoon, but the Astros don't struggle against lefties. They need help against right-handed arms, and Brown could be a cheap option to do just that.