5 Left-Handed Bats the Astros May Target At the Trade Deadline

Dana Brown recently indicated a starting pitcher is his priority, but if Houston decides to pivot to a bat, or if they pursue both, these five bats may shore up some of their offensive imbalance.

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Joc Pederson
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If the Giants sell, the Astros should target Joc Pederson or Michael Conforto.

These names are entirely dependent on what the Giants do. They currently hold the third-spot in the NL Wild Card, with the Brewers and red-hot Phillies right on their heels. Rarely do you see a team sell when in playoff contention.

Their schedule is somewhat favorable leading up to the deadline, with six of 10 scheduled for the Pirates and Nationals. They''ll travel to Cincinnati for a four-game stands against the Reds in between.

If they let down against the Pirates and the Reds stay red-hot, could they find themselves looking to get something out of Joc Pederson or Michael Conforto before their contracts are up.

Pederson is hitting .243 with an .802 OPS. Conforto is hitting .245 with a .745 OPS. Both are much better against righties than lefties. Pederson has a .250 average with an .829 OPS against righties while Conforto hits .245 with a .783 OPS with a righty on the hill.

The Astros could easily platoon left field with one of these two against a righty and, though he has been better against righties than lefties this year, Chas McCormick against lefties. Dusty has continued to line Chas up against lefties, so we could see something similar in October.

Pederson's antagonist personality is built for the backlash the Astros get each night, especially in the playoffs. If he becomes available, Dana Brown needs to find a way to land him.