5 starting pitcher trade targets for the Houston Astros

The Houston Astros just said that starting pitcher is their #1 priority at the trade deadline. Here are some options.
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The Houston Astros should be busy at the trade deadline this year. We have written about their need to add a power bat to this lineup (probably an outfielder) previously and that remains true despite Jose Abreu starting to coming around lately. However, one need that is gaining momentum is at starting pitcher.

Astros general manager Dana Brown made a radio appearance on SportsTalk 790 on Wednesday where he made it abundantly clear that his number one priority at the deadline was starting pitching. This actually makes a fair amount of sense given the injuries that the Astros have suffered in their rotation and the fact that you need to have some depth in your rotation down the stretch.

There are some arms in the Houston farm system that are at least mildly interesting like Spencer Arrighetti, but he just got promoted to Triple-A and relying on him to make a contribution at the big league level during the chase for a playoff spot just isn't smart. So, we turn our attention to the trade market yet again for answers.

Which starting pitchers could the Astros target at the trade deadline?

Given the fact that the Astros should be competitive for at least the next few years, they should be looking at both the starting pitching rentals as well as rotation arms that have some team control. Guys who are owed a bunch of money probably don't make the most sense, but this trade market has plenty of starters that both shouldn't break the bank as well as who should be able to give Houston the depth in their rotation that they are looking for.

Lets take a look at some of the starting pitchers that the Astros should consider at the 2023 MLB trade deadline.