5 Left-Handed Bats the Astros May Target At the Trade Deadline

Dana Brown recently indicated a starting pitcher is his priority, but if Houston decides to pivot to a bat, or if they pursue both, these five bats may shore up some of their offensive imbalance.
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Cavan Biggio
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Cavan Biggio may also be a cheap target for Houston.

Ignore the last name on the back of his jersey for just a second. Whether he is Craig's son or not, can Cavan help the Astros?

When Dana Brown was with the Blue Jays, he drafted Biggio. Cavan had a solid career in the minors, raking in AAA prior to his call-up.

In his first two seasons in the bigs (159 total games, Biggio hit .240 with a .798 OPS. His 33 doubles and 24 home runs boosted the OPS.

Does Brown still like what he saw pre-draft enough to target Biggio again?

Over the last three seasons, he has fallen out of Toronto as their lineup gets deeper and his at-bats have dwindled. Biggio is desperate for a change of scenery. Where better could he go than a city where his name holds borderline iconic status.

The Astros are desperate for bench depth. Even if Biggio doesn't regain his form from 2019-2020, he would be an upgrade over some of the Astros current infield options on the 40-man roster. But what if he does?

He had a brutal start to the season, but was great in May and June, hitting .250 with a .797 OPS. The Biggio of old is still in there. If a new home helps him tap into that, the Astros may be able to steal another elite utility option in Cavan Biggio.

Again, not a massive needle mover, but one that would allow Altuve to stay fresh down the home stretch, as well as some off days for Alex Bregman. The asking price probably won't be too high. The Astros should take a look at Cavan Biggio.