Houston Astros: Marwin Gonzalez 2016 Projections


How will Houston Astros’ Marwin Gonzalez fair this upcoming season? Lets Project!

“Your team is only as good as your weakest link.” This a quote that you hear a lot when talking about a team. Even though Marwin Gonzalez isn’t the weakest link on the team, he certainly isn’t a George Springer, Jose Altuve or Carlos Correa. Though he may not be those players his production this year will decide how far the Astros can go this season! He is a very underappreciated player on the team. He can do so many things that people don’t really realize.

He can play first base, shortstop, second base, third base and the outfield. This gives the Astros chances to rest players because they have the utility man in Marwin. He showed last season he can come up in big situations and get a hit as well. He is one of the best bench players in the Major Leagues.

In 2015, Marwin had a batting average of .279. This was the best season he has had hitting wise in his four years with the Astros. A .279 batting average for Marwin is really good. His batting average was better than most of the Astros starters, which is very telling. Marwin had the most home runs and RBI he has ever had as well. He had 12 home runs and 34 RBI. He showed he could hit the long ball and drive in runners when he had too. For bench players, these are outstanding numbers. These numbers are part of the reason the Astros had a playoff type year.

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What will Marwin do in 2016? From the numbers above Marwin improved in all of the major categories from previous years. This would show that he is trending upward in his career. I don’t believe he will trend upward this year but stay in the same range as last season. If he drops significantly from last season, then it would disappointing in my eyes and probably the Astros eyes. The Astros need Marwin to have about the same year as last year, so they can have an improved year this upcoming season.  I believe he has hit his skill level and can’t improve too much.  I expect:

2016 Projections:

Batting Average: .275

Homeruns: 10

RBI: 38

Though he won’t improve like previous years, he will still be key to the Astros success this upcoming season. Not only will he have these numbers, I believe he will serve a significant role on the defensive end this year. Since the Astros don’t feel confident in the First Base position, he can definitely help the confidence by filling in sometimes.

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He will be able to take over at shortstop when Correa needs a rest. He will basically be able to fill every position this year except pitcher and catcher. Marwin will have a nice year offensively and defensively for the Astros and help them reach the postseason again this year!

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