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Houston Astros: 16 Reasons to Follow Joe Musgrove


Need a Reason to Follow Houston Astros Prospect Joe Musgrove?

Lance McCullers has been given an assignment by Houston Astros manager A.J. Hinch that is due on Monday; he has to get minor league pitcher Joseph Musgrove to 3,000 followers on Twitter. CTH wanted to jump in and help because both McCullers and Musgrove have both done two interviews with me for CTH/Talking Stros. They are both fan friendly guys and both technically were first round picks in different years.

While Musgrove has taken the longer route to get to the big leagues following his trade from the Blue Jays to the Astros, some feel like he has high upside and could be ready for the 2016 season after a taste at Triple-A. To help recruit followers, I wanted to give a quick top sixteen reasons to follow Joe Musgrove in 2016 on Twitter.

16. He responds to fans and critics alike on Twitter. On February 18th, he spent some of his free time responding to all the fans who sent him good luck Tweets.

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15. He is from California, like many of the Astros prospects these days, and he grew up in sunny California.

14. He’s a mean cook, via his mom.

13. Apparently the 6’5” Musgrove can also tap dance, how many people that you follow can say that?

12. He shares his time at a Children Hospital trying to brighten up sick children’s day.

11. He has never met a bowl of pasta that he didn’t like, and I wonder if Olive Garden closes early when Joe goes during the Unlimited Pasta promotion is going on?

Listen to Joe and Jon Kemmer on @TalkingStros below.

10. Do you have kids, apparently Joe loves it when you bring your kids to the ballpark. Baseball is a kids game that adults get to play, so bring your kids to the ballpark when Joe is pitching.

9. He was once traded a year after being drafted, how does that feel, you would have to follow him to know that? Or you can read his response here: Keeping Up with the Astros Prospects: (RHP) Joe Musgrove.

8. His mom says that Joe loves his family and has a deep faith.

7. He, like Carlos Correa, is part of the Adidas family, as he will rep an Adidas glove this year.

6. He likes that Justin Bieber wears Adidas and could be a fan of Bieber.

5. Do you have a Sock of the Day? Well, people follow him to see what socks he is wearing.

4. He walked only eight hitters in 100 2/3 innings last year. That is Greg Maddux like.

3. He went through three minor league levels last year and won the Astros Pitcher of the Year in 2015.

2. He is a great teammate and competitor.

1. His mom, @DianeMusgrove, is a big baseball fan and knows more about what’s going on with the Astros than he does.

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Join the cause and follow @musgrove23Stros on Twitter. Some of the Astros players are helping spread the word, such as Collin McHugh, Jake Marisnick, and McCullers want you to follow @musgrove23Stros now so that Lance will not have to explain to Hinch why he failed. Thanks to Diane Musgrove, she offered a few others, but I’ll do Joe a favor and not publish those.

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