Astros of the Future: Third Base (Round 2) J.D. Davis versus Alex Bregman

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Alex Bregman

Alex Bregman -Mandatory Credit: Rich Gill-@QCBanditPhotog

Shortstop Bregman, was the second overall pick in the 2015 MLB draft. The plan is for him to play at shortstop for now with Correa playing there with the Astros right now. Luhnow said earlier that they will decide where to put Bregman when the time comes. Many feel like Correa will still be moved to third base eventually, but in an interview with me: Keeping up with the Houston Astros Carlos Correa, Correa told me he wants to stay at shortstop for entire career. So, will Bregman have to make the move to third when ready, because second base is blocked as well.

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Bregman was drafted out of LSU, and I asked Chander Rome ( and Josh Criswell ( what they thought of Bregman after the draft. They both covered the LSU Tigers for a while and got to watch him play in his time there. You can see what they say below.

Inside look as to what Alex Bregman offers the Astros

Alex Bregman set to sign with the Houston Astros

Bregman is ranked the number one Astros prospect and the 26th overall prospect in baseball by MLB Pipeline. While he has not gotten off to a hot start in professional ball after his College World Series appearance, he has heated up recently. Bregman has spent time with Quad Cities and Lancaster already in his 43 game career. Despite a .260 ish batting average so far, he shows a good eye for walks and on-base percentage. He may not offer the power that Davis can, but should be able to hit 15-20 in his prime.

Bregman has had 11 errors between the two teams in his short career, but still profiles as a good defensive player.

Last ten games:

.318/ 1 HR/ 2 RBI/ 0 BB.

2015 Season with River Bandits (-A) and Lancaster (+A):

.262/ 2 HR/ 15 RBI/ 19 BB.

Some splits for Bregman

Versus left-handers: .167

Versus right-handers: .296

Home games: .302

Away games: .235

River Bandits: .259

JetHawks: .268

Bregman is just starting his career, so he doesn’t have as good a slash line as Davis does. Bregman’s slash line is .262/ .346/ .345/ .691. Both Davis and Bregman have struggled in road games in their career to this point, which is not a good sign with the current Astros’ players struggles on the road.

Now it’s your turn to have your voice heard. You have heard the argument, which one of these two do you want as your third baseman of the future?

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Astros of the future.

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