Astros Prospects: Interview with No-Hit Trio McCanna, Garza, and Person.

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The Middle Guy Ralph Garza Jr.

CTH: You went to High School in New Braunfels, were you an Astros fan or Rangers fan?

Garza: I never really had a specific team to go for just because I came from California. I was always looking to see what the California teams were doing really instead of the Astros or Rangers.

CTH: What’s your favorite thing to do at New Braunfels? (tubing, water park, other)

Garza: I will always be up for tubing down the river or going golfing with my buds from back in the day.

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CTH: Did you get a scholarship to go play in college?

Garza: Yes, I received a scholarship from the University of Oklahoma, and that ultimately was the school that was perfect for me.

CTH: Wow, you are off to a good start to your minor league career, 36 strikeouts in 24 1/3 innings. Do you see yourself as a power pitcher?

Garza: I never really saw myself as a power pitcher. I have tried to have that mentality in the past, and it has never worked out. I see myself more as a guy who keeps the hitters off-balance, and that also comes with trust from your catcher and work that you have put in.

CTH: In the future, do you think you will be a reliever or starter?

Garza: I hope to be a starter but if it is not in my future to start and instead to be a reliever, I will be ready for the task.

CTH: Where you aware of the situation when you came into last night’s game in the fifth inning?

Garza: I was not. I knew Kevin had been lights out and never knew until after the fact I had came out. I am glad I did not know until then.

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  • CTH: You struck out 7 hitters in four innings, were you in the zone? What is your pitching repertoire?

    Garza: I was in a zone, you could say. It was an awesome feeling dominating the hitters like that the way I did. I throw a fastball, slider, and a change-up. I was really confident in throwing all those pitches that night.

    CTH: Were you disappointed that your manager didn’t let you finish the game?

    Garza: Not at all. I was more than happy to turn it over to Person just because I know he could get the job done.

    CTH: Would you rather pitch in another minor league no-hitter, or get your first big league loss?

    Garza: Another no-hitter for sure. It was the only one I have thrown in my career and it was a crazy experience.

    Thanks, Ralph Garza for answering the questions, looking forward to tracking you for the next few years. If you would like to follow Ralph, you can do so at @La_Garza_32.

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