Astros Prospects: Interview with No-Hit Trio McCanna, Garza, and Person.

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Closing the No-Hitter Out with Zac Person

CTH: What has been your biggest adjustment you have had to make going from the college level to the minors?

Person: It took a while to get used to the traveling and smaller crowds. However, the Astros have a great 30-day period that allows you to mesh what you were used to in college with their philosophies and preparations to help ease you into how we do things here.

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CTH: You grew up in Louisiana, were you an Astros fan?

Person: Yes, I’ve been an Astros fan for as long as I can remember.

CTH: What round did people think you would go in the draft this year? What round did you think you would go in? Surprised on the 9th round selection?

Person: I think it was generally understood that I was going 9th or 10th round, or “late top 10”.

CTH: How do you feel about the tandem system the Astros use for their minor league starters?

Person: I’m getting used to it. It allows a pitcher to develop both as a starter and as a reliever at the same time.

CTH: You have 9 walks already, is this a product of more patient hitters?

Person: My walks are more a product of in-game situations. We are trying to work in more pitches for practice since I was just a fastball/curveball guy in college. So mixing in more pitches sometimes leads to worse holes to be pitching in. Also, a couple of them were intentional because of the game situation. It’s all part of the development.

CTH: Were you aware of the no-hitter when you came into the game in the ninth inning?

Person: I was aware of it, it’s hard not to think about it, but I tried my best not to let myself worry about the no-hitter as I was preparing.

CTH: What was the feeling like when the last out was made?

Person: It’s was exciting. At first I was going to treat it like any other 27th out, but my teammates were excited and I fed off of their excitement. It was a great team experience.

CTH: Give us a feeling of your pitching repertoire, what is your out pitch?

Person: I’m a fastball/curveball pitcher for the most part. Recently learned a changeup and a slider that I’ve been working on in game situations so hopefully I’ll be a 4-pitch pitcher before too long.

CTH: Would you rather pitch in another no-hitter in the minors or get your first loss in the majors?

Person: As much as a Major League appearance would be a dream come true, I have to say that I would rather be helping my team win than helping my team lose, regardless of the level.

CTH: For your next appearance, do you know if you will start or relieve?

Person: I will be in relief again in my next appearance. Possibly starting the one following that though.

CTH: Do you see yourself as a reliever or starter in the future?

Person: Both sides have interesting pros and cons. I was a starter until my junior year at LSU, then I realized that my “stuff” is better out of the pen. On those notes, I don’t really care which role I’m playing. Both are fun and I’ll be fortunate to have the chance to do either.

Thanks to Zac Person for taking the time to answer my questions and congrats for being part of a no-hitter. If you like what he had to say, you can follow him at @Zac_Person. Good luck in your future Zac.

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