Astros Prospects: Interview with No-Hit Trio McCanna, Garza, and Person.

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The Starting Pitcher Kevin McCanna

CTH: As a local kid, what was it like when the Astros drafted you in this year’s draft?

McCanna: Being from Houston and getting drafted by the Astros was an awesome feeling, and I’m glad I’m able to be in such a great organization.

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CTH:  Walk us through what happened when you were drafted by the Padres in 2012 out of the Woodlands HS, but chose to go to Rice instead.

McCanna: I knew before the draft my senior year that I wanted to go to college. Getting started with my college degree and playing for Coach Graham at Rice was something I was really set on doing.

CTH: Who was your favorite Astros player growing up?

McCanna: Berkman.

CTH: What do you think of the tandem system for starters that the Astros use? Do you sometimes wish you could go deeper into the games?

McCanna: I like the tandem starters because it’s a way to limit my innings while also adapt to pitching every fifth day instead of every seventh day like in college.

CTH: Were you aware of the situation in your game last night? When did you realize it?

McCanna: I knew after I came out I had a no-hitter, then once Ralph (Garza) finished his four innings that’s when I realized it was actually possible for the no-hitter to happen.

CTH: What was is like when the last out was made of the combined no-hitter?

McCanna: It was an awesome feeling. I was standing next to Ralph, and when Pat Porter caught the ball, we were jumping up and down and ran out there to join the team celebrate.

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CTH: Would you rather throw another no-hitter in the minors or get your first loss in the majors?

McCanna: First loss in the majors.

CTH: Tell us a little about your pitching repertoire. What is your out pitch?

McCanna: I throw a fastball, curveball, slider, and a change-up. I like to throw all four pitches to left and right handed hitters.

CTH: Did you get any slack for allowing the only runner on with a walk to lose the perfect game?

McCanna: The guys didn’t give me too much of a hard time till after the game.

Thanks, Kevin McCanna, glad you got selected by your hometown team. If you would like to follow the former Rice starting pitcher, you can do so on Twitter at @kmccanna23. Congrats on being part of the no-hitter.

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