Houston Astros: Scouting Carlos Correa with Joey Sola (Interview)

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Joey Sola Interview on Scouting Carlos Correa

Jul 21, 2015; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa (1) during the game against the Boston Red Sox at Minute Maid Park. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

CTH: How long have you been scouting and how long with the Houston Astros?

Sola: I have been a scout now for 17 years, I started working for the Astros on 2004.

CTH: When was the first time you saw Carlos Correa and said this guy will be good?

Sola: When he was 16 I started to watch him and think to myself, ” This kid will be very special!”

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CTH: What was the skill that stood out with Correa in your point of view?

Sola: He was all around good player, but his matureness was off the charts. The way he handled everything on/off the field was also very good. He plays baseball like it is supposed to be played.

CTH: Was he being watched by other scouts and teams?

Sola: Definitely. Especially scouts from the San Diego Padres.

CTH: Not sure how involved you were with the overall number one selection in the 2012 draft, but what did you say to Jeff Luhnow to get him to select Correa over the higher ranked Byron Buxton?

Sola: Well, nothing to directly to Jeff, but mostly with the Scouting Director Elias. We had a lot of communication about Correa. (I will keep what was said in private)

CTH: Did you see the speed potential that Correa is demonstrating this season when you were scouting him?

Sola: Definitely, but being honest, he has developed his running ability faster than I thought possible.

CTH: Were both you and Larry Pardo present when the Carlos Correa signed with the Astros? What was that like to reel in a big fish?

Sola: Yes, we were present at his signing and knew his family well. It’s been the best experience that I have ever had.

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CTH: I’m assuming you were in town to see Correa play this last homestand, did you get to have a conversation with him, and what did you talk about? 

Sola: Yes, I was there. We were joking around, and I told him that if he needed to have some batting lessons, I could give it to him. lol. Also, I asked him why he couldn’t hit the ball to the train tracks? He said “with what Power?”

CTH: Do you see Correa sticking at shortstop throughout his career?

Sola: Definitely, people think that he will not, but I’m sure he will. His lower half isn’t that big, which is why I think he is athletic enough to stick around at shortstop.

CTH: Can you give us a few excerpts from your original Carlos Correa scouting report?

Sola: Everything is in these words, “I have never scouted and seen a player like this!”

Thank you, Joey Sola, for taking the time to answer these questions for CTH. If you would like to follow Sola, you can do it through @joeysola15 on Twitter. Good luck finding the next Astros mega prospect in Puerto Rico.

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