Astros Rivals: Five Reasons To Hate The Texas Rangers

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Apr 6, 2014; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; Texas Rangers hat and glove lay in the dugout against the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field. Texas Rangers defeated the Tampa Bay Rays 3-0. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Reason #1:

They play in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro, which is like the Kim Kardashian of Texas cities. Over-primped and self-absorbed, Big D is always looking down its nose at H-Town as if it wasn’t good enough. Heck, they wouldn’t even talk to us at a social gathering if it weren’t for the fact that we’re in the same state. Bunch of snobs.

But if they were really better than us, then why did they have to combine two cities to compete with our one?

Here are three reasons, out of many, why Houston is better than Dallas, just in case you didn’t already know:

Reason #2:

The Rangers own the state of Texas, according to Facebook, due to the amount of “likes” each team received across each county.

It’s Facebook, though. It can’t be right, right?

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