The Houston Astros Are Losing The Battle For The State Of Texas


The Houston Astros may have won the Silver Boot in 2014, but they are losing the battle for the state of Texas. According to a recent Facebook release, the Texas Rangers are the most popular team by county in the Lone Star State. The data isn’t from a scientific poll, but rather counted by the amount of “likes” on the social media network.

Within Texas, the city of Houston and the surrounding area love the Astros, from Beaumont down to around Corpus Christi (no surprise there with the Hooks). The team even gets support in western Louisiana. However, most of the rest of the state belongs to the Rangers. It’s a little disappointing that central Texas- particularly San Antonio- doesn’t like the boys from the Bayou City more, though it’s understandable why the Austin area, with the Round Rock Express playing nearby, roots for the Arlington club.

Given that the Rangers have been pretty successful with consecutive World Series berths in 2010 and 2011, and the Astros recent history of profound suckitude, the results aren’t too surprising. One would like to think that central and west Texas are up for grabs based on the ebb and flow of team success, and I’d love to see what the map would’ve shown a decade ago when the Houston Astros were kings of the National League and Round Rock was affiliated with our organization. Another factor may be the now defunct CSN Houston television deal which limited the amount of potential viewers.

One other thing about this map stands out: the El Paso area apparently loves the Yankees. Seriously! The Texas city that is the farthest from New York loves the Evil Empire. I’m not sure who should be more ashamed- the baseball clubs for allowing this northern intrusion, or the border town for jumping on the bandwagon and not supporting one of the home teams. Either way, this must be remedied.

With an increase in wins, some playoff appearances, and the new sports network, the Houston Astros should wrangle back some fans. There’s a city in west Texas that is a good place to start.

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