Astros News: Former top prospect passes away at 24 in tragic accident

Rest in peace.
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For fans of the Houston Astros -- or of any team for that matter -- there are moments when we are reminded that players are human and that there is more to the game than just runs and outs.

Sometimes those are heartwarming stories of a guy finally becoming a US citizen, having a child get through a difficult illness, or being particularly charitable and making a positive difference in the world. Unfortunately, there are also more than a few instances when the opposite happens and tragedy strikes.

Ronny Garcia signed with the Astros as an international free agent back in 2016. He mostly pitched out of the bullpen for six seasons and never made it past High-A, posting a 3.42 ERA in his career before he elected free agency this past offseason to join the Atlantic League.

We wish we could say that the story had a happy ending, but sadly Garcia passed away, along with his father, in a car crash in the Dominican Republic. He was just 24 years old.

Astros News: Former Astros prospect Ronny Garcia passed away in tragic accident

This isn't the first time baseball has lost one of their own while a player's career was still ongoing. Roberto Clemente died in a plane crash in 1972 while doing charity work, Hall of Famer Ed Delahanty drowned in the Niagara River after being kicked off a train, and then there was the more recent examples of Tyler Skaggs dying from an accidental overdose and Nick Adenhart dying in a car crash immediately after making his big league debut. That isn't even close to a complete list.

It is sad that many won't remember Garcia's career as he never got the chance to play under the bright lights of the major leagues, but days like today are a reminder of how hard it is to make it as a professional baseball player and how quickly everything can be taken away. It is also a reminder to make sure your loved ones know that you care for them every chance you get. Our thoughts are with Garcia's family and friends as well as all the fans he made during his time in baseball.

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