3 Houston Astros whose Spring Training was a fluke, and 2 who were a preview

The Houston Astros have had a lot more movement from IL and AAA this year than years past, so more insight can be sought from spring training numbers.
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José Abreu, 1B - Fluke

While José Abreu might be coming to life finally as a productive member of the Houston Astros lineup, his June is what Astros fans expected right out of the gates.

In spring training Abreu was one of the more productive core members of the Astros lineup, hitting .292 with two home runs and 11 RBI in only 48 at-bats. Those numbers look great, and maybe those are finally showing themselves here in June. Abreu is hitting .284 with four home runs and 16 RBI, but prior to this month, he has been awful. He has been so bad that Astros fans were calling for a trade for anyone to replace him. The jury is still out on his season, but his overall numbers (.232 with five home runs and 36 RBI) suggest his spring was a fluke.