Astros: CTH Staff’s Predictions on where Carlos Correa will sign

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Houston Astros, Carlos Correa
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Carlos Correa could join his former manager, A.J. Hinch, in Detroit.

Marty Coleman

Initially the Yankees and their endless millions seemed obvious. The flaw in that argument is the perception among Yankees’ fans and players that they were somehow cheated out of a championship in 2017.

Correa has grown into a leader and my assumption would be that he also wants to lead his next team, and I have difficulty seeing the Yankees, with all their childish in-game shenanigans, accepting Correa as a leader, not to mention Correa’s recent criticism of Jeter’s Gold Gloves.

The Rangers have money, but at 27-years-old, does Correa want to spend the prime years of his career building and battling to get out of last place?

That brings me to the Tigers, a team that’s likely ready to contend in a year or two, with a need, some money and a familiar face in the dugout.  Some believe the Tigers would rather spend on arms, but having manager A.J. Hinch in your corner can’t hurt when selling ownership on a huge contract.

The Tigers appear to be building towards a contender sooner rather than later, and giving Correa an opportunity to reap financial rewards, be a veteran leader and maybe contend for a title could happen.

Prediction: 8 years, $265 million with the Tigers