Astros: CTH Staff’s Predictions on where Carlos Correa will sign

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Houston Astros, Carlos Correa
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The Cardinals are accustomed to the name ‘Correa,’ but they could add a different one to their already elite defense.

Brian Dunleavy

With the hullabaloo surrounding Correa’s next stop, I can’t help but be a homer and root for him staying with the Astros. The Astros could cobble together a deal that might get close to the asking price for the best shortstop in baseball, and his teammates could help seal the deal however he won’t be getting the price he is asking.

The Astros could get together a five-year deal worth $190 million, but the issue is he will and can get more from another contender. I do think he will sign with a contender because he is a gamer, and I don’t think he could possibly sign with a bottom dwelling team for the most money. He wouldn’t be happy.

If the Astros can’t convince him to stay, I think one of the next logical contenders would be the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals could use a big bat to anchor their lineup and a really consistent shortstop and use their current shortstop for trade fodder to get another bat for the incoming DH next year.

The Cardinals have currently $25 million freed up from last year and could increase it, trading Paul DeJong’s $6 million. This gives them the ability to sign Correa to an eight-year, $275 million salary.

This would easily put the Cardinals in contention to get to the World Series, since they were just a few runs away from being able to advance. The Cardinals, with that signing, could have one of the best infields in baseball, if not the best.

Prediction: 8 years, $275 million salary with the Cardinals