Houston Astros: Talking Stros with A.J. Reed (Interview)


Interview with the Houston Astros top first base prospect A.J. Reed

The Houston Astros future is bright for the 2016 season and beyond with the likes of Jose Altuve, George Springer, Carlos Correa, Dallas Keuchel, and Lance McCullers. Some of the best talents are still to come, especially from the 6’4” 240-pound first baseman A.J. Reed, who should make his debut this year with the Astros. When he does, hopefully, he will fill the gap at first base that has been open since Lance Berkman was traded.

On my talk show called @TalkingStros, we interview some of the big and small names in Astros baseball. I am working with someone in the Astros organization to help me interview some of the stars listed in the first paragraph. However, Reed is a big deal, so I was excited when he agreed to come on the show. I was equally disappointed when his interview was spoiled a little with a poor connection. Some people have asked for me to transcribe the interview, well here it is.

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CTH/TexSR: Where are you calling from right now?

Reed: I am in Muncie, Indiana, that’s where my wife goes to school.

CTH/TexSR: You grew up around Muncie and  Terre Haute, Indiana?

Reed: Yes, Terre Haute is my hometown, it’s about an hour and a half away.

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CTH/TexSR: Congrats on a wonderful 2015 season, you keep on winning awards everywhere you go. How as your time with Kentucky? 

Reed: My junior year was great, I’ve learned about baseball with my time there, and I continued to learn last season as well. I’ve grown mentally and physically since college; it was the start of how I got to where I am now.

CTH/TexSR: We interviewed Joseph Musgrove; I asked him what would happen if he was trying to hit against your pitching? He said he could take you deep, what do you think?

Reed: It’s funny because Joe and I always talk about how far I would hit the ball off him if we ever were to face each other, but I think if he were hitting off me, I could take advantage of his inexperience at the plate in that matchup.

CTH/TexSR: Who were some of the clubhouse guys that you really enjoyed being around?

Reed: Well, Joe and I are really close, Brett Phillips when he was there, but Chan Jong Moon is one of the funniest guys I’ve played with. He and I get along very well, and he knows how to make us laugh.

CTH/TexSR: How did you feel when the Astros drafted you as a hitter instead of a pitcher?

Reed: No, I kind of figured after that year that I would be drafted as a hitter, I started to prepare to become a better hitter for pro ball. I was more prepared for it than you might think.

CTH/TexSR: I’ve read that you have been compared to Jim Thome of the Indians, what comparisons have you heard for yourself?

Reed: I don’t think that I have heard anything; I don’t read a lot of stuff about what people say about me. I will be the best A.J. Reed that I can.

CTH/TexSR: I know that you got married, where did you go on your honeymoon?

Reed: We went down to St. Lucia down in the Caribbean. We went in November.

CTH/TexSR: I know Musgrove was there, did Brett Phillips make it?

Reed: He actually couldn’t make it because he was at Lance McCullers’ bachelor party because they got married in December.

CTH/TexSR: I know you told me in your last interview that you are known for speed, Evan Gattis is not either, but he had 11 triples last year. During your rookie season, would you rather have ten steals or 10 triples?

Reed: I’d rather have the ten triples to help with OPS.

CTH/TexSR: Did you get hit really bad by the snow in Indiana?

Reed: No, we haven’t got it as bad as Kentucky and Tennessee have had.

CTH/TexSR: We have a lot of excited fans up here in Houston after the 2015 season. Hopefully, you can join the Astros in 2016.

Reed: Yeah, that’s kind of the plan right now, I have to go to spring training and play well, and when the time comes, I will be ready. My goal is to reach the big leagues this year;  I’ll work hard to start off the year, the rest will work itself out.

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CTH/TexSR: Is this your first spring invite?

Reed: I didn’t go to big league camp last year, but I was in mini-camp.

CTH/TexSR: Are you excited about the big league camp?

Reed: I can’t really wait to get down there, I’m really excited to get the opportunity. I think I’m most excited to show people what I can do and get out there a compete for a spot on the big league roster.

CTH/TexSR: Was there a catch of one of your balls that should have been a homer, but the outfielder made a great play and brought it back in a way that made you say wow?

Reed: My junior year at Kentucky, we were playing at Alabama, the reason it sticks out so much for me is that at-bat before, I had hit into a triple play. Then the next at-bat I was robbed of a homer. It was the worst two at-bats that I have ever had.

CTH/TexSR: Are you going to be able to survive financially in you are not playing in Corpus Christi anymore? I know that the Hooks fans pass around bait boxes every time you homered at home for donations. Any idea how much you collected during that time?

Reed: I must have gotten at least $1,500 when I was with the Hooks. If I’m in Fresno, I’ll probably be ok, but if I’m in Houston, I won’t need that donation anymore.

CTH/TexSR: Well, we hope that we do see you soon, no offense to Jon Singleton and Tyler White, but you have a lot of fans rooting for you in Houston. Something I did read about you is that you struggle against left-handers, is that true?

Reed: I think that is a little misconception because when I got to Corpus, I felt like I faced a lot of left-handed pitchers and when I played in the AFL, I faced a lot of lefties, and I didn’t hit as well as I would have liked. But I wouldn’t say that I struggle against lefties, but I have many competitive at-bats versus them, just not as many hits. You can always get better, but I wouldn’t say that I struggled, though.

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Thanks to A.J. Reed for joining us, I hope we can try again during spring training, I have several things I want to like to still ask you. Reed is no longer on Twitter, and I don’t see him reading about himself from the interview we just did. Good luck A.J., do what you can, the rest will take care of itself.