Houston Astros: Top 10 Starting Pitchers in Franchise History

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Who are the top ten starting pitchers in Houston Astros history?

There have been many great starting pitchers to represent the Colt .45’s/Astros franchise since their inception in 1962. Whether it be clutch performances in the playoffs or masterful regular seasons of Cy Young caliber, the Astros have been fortunate to have such a rich history at the position.

Over at Climbing Tal’s Hill, our editors and staff writers have compiled a list of whom we believe the top ten starting pitchers in franchise history. There are names, new and old; that appear on the list. And each provided the Astros and their fans with memorable moments that we won’t soon forget. Many of the best Astros squads had starting pitchers that were the heart and soul of the team.

We used criteria such as the pitcher’s WAR, must have pitched three seasons with the Houston Astros, and we tried to be impartial with regards to our favorite pitchers. Yes, throwing one or more no-hitters would help your cause. Everyone has their own top-ten favorite all-time pitchers, here is our opinion.

But where do the best of the best rank in franchise history?

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