Astros: Comparing Carlos Correa’s Rookie Season with Jeff Bagwell’s

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Second Difference

Expectations based on minor league stats

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I’m sure many baseball experts at the time could say that they saw Bagwell’s emergence coming. However, by looking at his overall minor league stats in his short stint in the minors, Bagwell seemed like a contact gap hitter similar to what the Astros have in Colin Moran right now. Bagwell hit four homers in Double-A in 1990 with a .333 batting average. I wish I could remember how Astros fans reacted the first time they saw Bagwell’s stance, and thought he would never generate power.

On the other side of the coin, Correa was one of the top prospects in baseball at the beginning of 2015. Everyone saw Correa coming, although some people were surprised with how easy the game came to him. Correa hit for power, average, and developing speed in the minors, so he was fairly projectable. Unlike Bagwell, who came out of nowhere.

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