Astros: Comparing Carlos Correa’s Rookie Season with Jeff Bagwell’s

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First Similarity

Led that year with homers hit by a rookie

Bagwell broke out in his rookie season with 15 home runs in 156 games, which led the National League in 1991. According to Baseball-Reference, the following players finished behind Bagwell with homers.

Wes Chamberlain – 13 homers

Brian Hunter – 12 homers

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Bagwell played in a different time and stadium than Correa did. He hit six of those 15 homers at the spacious Astrodome. Bagwell helped bring the power to the Astros lineup that they lacked for years.

Correa hit 22 home runs in 99 games to lead the American League in 2015. Correa slowed down his home run pace at the end of the season; he still was able to hang on to the lead in home runs. Let’s look at the two players to finish behind Correa in 2015.

Miguel Sano – 18 homers

Mark Canha – 16 homers

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