Keeping up with the Houston Astros prospects: Connor Goedert

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Goedert Interview

CTH: The Astros drafted you in the 15th round of the 2014 draft. Where were you when you heard that the Astros selected you?

Goedert: I was actually at my brother’s house in Manhattan, KS. I was already enrolled in summer classes at Kansas State University where I had signed to play baseball.

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CTH: Did anybody give you an idea as to what round you were projected to be drafted?

Goedert: I had heard from various scouts anywhere between rounds 3-18. So I knew anything could happen.

CTH: You are listed as a third baseman, but you have been playing first base this series. Which one is your primary position and which do you like to play better?

Goedert: Third base was the only position I played last year, whereas, I only played first base this year. I don’t mind either position. Wouldn’t mind a little outfield work either.

CTH: Describe your thoughts after your success in the first round versus the Mets.

Goedert: We showed great focus and poise after losing the first game and coming back to win the series at their place. We overcame adversity.

CTH: You had six homers in the regular season, was your home run in the loss in game 1, one of your biggest in your career?

Goedert: Yes, the biggest of my professional career.

CTH: Speed is not part of your game with one stolen base in your minor league career, do you remember the situation that you got that steal and what is your baserunning style?

Goedert: Honestly, I didn’t even know that I had one because I don’t remember stealing any bags. But I’ll take it. Maybe I can double-up my stolen base stats one day. I just try to get good reads and be smart on the base paths so I can be an asset on the bases.

CTH: What one player have you played with or against has really made you say “wow” with their talent?

Goedert: There have been several players that have impressed me. I’ll stick to guys in our organization and my draft class. A.J. Reed, J.D. Davis, and Derek Fisher all impress me with their effortless power. Ramon Laureano impresses me with how much he loves the game and how hard he works on the field and off the field.

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CTH: What are three things Astros fans should know about you?

Goedert: Three things people should know about me… This is a tough one…
1. I grew up playing, and throughout high school played, football, basketball, and baseball. I love them all.

2. I’m a huge Notre Dame and Kansas State fan.

3. Contrary to popular belief I don’t mind reading a good book when I find time for it.

CTH: What are Daz Cameron and Kyle Tucker like on and off the field?

Goedert: Both very talented players on the field. And they are only 18 years old, so that’s scary. Great guys off the field. Cam is always smiling about something. (Maybe he tells himself jokes in his head). Word on the block is Tuck is the best FIFA player in the Tri-City area. He still has yet to play me, though.

Thanks, Connor, for taking the time to do this interview as you were preparing to face Princeton Rays, who are currently whipping up on the Astros as I type this up. Like Goedert said, maybe they need their backs against the wall. You can follow him on Twitter @ConnorGoedert.

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