Keeping up with the Houston Astros prospects: Connor Goedert

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Keeping up with the Houston Astros prospects: Connor Goedert

The Rookie League Greeneville Astros are the first Astros minor league team to start their playoffs, which are speeding along now that they are facing their next opponent, the Princeton Rays. This is a short season league that began shortly after the MLB Draft. They have only played 63 games, but one of their players had a good season in his second year in the minors.

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Connor Goedert, in his first full season since being drafted out of Neosho County Community College, is playing first base for the Astros after playing third base for the GCL Astros and Greeneville Astros in 2014. This year during the regular season, he had a slash line of .286/ .349/ .449/ .798 with six homers while driving in 43 runs. He did have a stolen base this season, and he will give a legendary response in the interview.

He has carried the team through the first three games, batting .333 with a double and a home run and 4 RBIs. Unless you attend Greeneville Astros games, you might not know anything about him. But that is what Climbing Tal’s Hill is all about, getting to know players who aren’t labeled top prospects. Let’s hope that the APL Astros can duplicate the success in championship series this week.

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