Houston Astros: Jed Lowrie is now deep in the hearts of Astros’ fans.


This is the second stop for Jed Lowrie with the Houston Astros uniform, but was he really a fan favorite? He signed a three-year deal with the Astros in the offseason, even though he knew that Carlos Correa was on the cusps of joining making his debut. Lowrie knew that he would eventually have to switch positions to third base, or become a super utility player for the Astros. Lowrie still felt that Houston was the place for him but did Astros’ fans really open their hearts up to him?

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That all changed Sunday night when the Astros were trailing 2-1 with their ace on the mound in Dallas Kuechel. Keuchel was pitching well despite giving up two solo home runs while striking out ten hitters at that point. Then in the bottom of the seventh, Tyer Duffey was still on the mound and got Colby Rasmus to fly out. Carlos Gomez, who has streaked recently, then made his presence know with a single up the middle. Marwin Gonzalez then struck out, and the inning looked lost with two outs. Then Luis Valbuena hit a single to left that advanced Gomez to second, even though he made a big turn around second trying to force a bad throw.

The Twins removed Duffey and replaced him with Trevor May, who issued a walk to the first batter Preston Tucker. Tucker, who pinched hit for Hank Conger, put up a big fight against May before drawing the walk to load the bases. Jose Altuve got an infield hit RBI following the walk to Tucker, which brought up Lowrie.

The crowd was on their feet during the entire inning as if they were willing the Astros to score some runs. Lowrie was up with crowd cheering; you could not hear anything around you and then bam you heard the crack of the bat and the crowd getting even louder. It was a no-doubter that even the pitcher ducked his head down after that swing by Lowrie. Then Lowrie did something Astros fans are not used to; he showed emotion.

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The normally reserved Lowrie was throwing his hands up in the air as he ran around the bases and was jumping up giving high fives. He screamed as he hit the ball because he was in a big slump since returning to the team. He jumped around like we are used to seeing from George Springer and Altuve, it took a while bu Lowrie has finally joined Club Astros. He has earned a place in Astros hearts with that swing of the at-bat.

The way Lowrie has been swinging recently could bode well for the Astros down the stretch and in the playoffs. He was a key hitter before his freak injury and is showing signs of return recently. Hats off to you Jed the Jedi Night, thanks for that unbelievable moment.

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