Keeping up with the Astros Prospects: ss Alex Bregman

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Part 1 of the Bregman Interview

Alex Bregman on deck. Photo courtesy of @QCBanditPhotog.

CTH: How are things going for you right now Alex, it seems like you’ll have the potential to move quickly through the system?

Bregman: It has been a blast, and things couldn’t be going better. I am always learning from other players and coaches. I am a quick learner, but it’s been crazy for the past couple of months. I have enjoying interacting with Astros fans via Twitter, and I can’t wait to get to join the fun the first place Astros are having.

CTH: What was it like to be drafted with the second overall pick in the draft and to play in the College World Series?

Bregman: It has been crazy and a blur, but I am having a blast playing baseball. Playing in the Astros organization has been a dream come true for me. When I was drafted, I celebrated with friends and family but quickly had to turn my focus to playing at Omaha with LSU.

CTH: Did you know prior to the draft that if the Diamondbacks didn’t draft you the Astros would draft you? Did the Astros reach out to you prior to the draft?

Bregman: I knew that I was being drafted by the Astros five minutes prior to the Astros drafting me. We felt that I would go either second or third, especially when the Diamondbacks selected Dansby Swanson. I got a call from the Astros scout who scouted me, and he told me that the Astros were going to draft me. I was super excited to be drafted by the Astros.

CTH: What is your biggest takeaway from your short time in professional baseball?

Bregman: Everyday is something new, I have to prepare more than college, learn to eat healthier, and doing whatever it takes to get better. In college, we had three days off and then we played baseball. But being in the minors, you play every day, and I love it. You have to play even when you are not feeling 100%.

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CTH: I know you grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Do you have a baseball team that you followed as a kid? Did you have a favorite player?

Bregman: My favorite player was Derek Jeter, I loved the way he was the captain, how he played, and how he treated everyone on the team. He looked like he knew what to do all the time.

CTH: What or who got you into baseball?

Bregman: My dad, he would come home every day with a different baseball card for us to get to know the player. I learned how to catch when I was three-years-old. By the age of five, my mom was throwing me whiffle balls in the cul-de-sac in front of my house. I appreciate all the games they took me too, I couldn’t have done it without their help and encouragement.

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