Keeping up with the Astros Prospects: ss Alex Bregman

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Part 2 of the Bregman Interview

Alex Bregman was swinging. Photo courtesy of @QCBanditPhotog.

CTH: Not sure if you read Sports Illustrated, but a recent article had you in left field in 2018. What do you think? Have you ever played outfield?

Bregman: My intention is to play shortstop at the highest level, and I think that I am fully capable of that. I have played everywhere on the diamond at some point in college or high school, except at first base. If the Astros don’t want me at shortstop, I will play any position to reach the major leagues quickly and win.

CTH: What part of your game do you see as something that needs improvement?

Bregman: To be honest with you, I need to improve every aspect of my game. I never settle for how I play, I try to find a way to improve myself, whether it’s at the plate, on the base paths, or on defense.

CTH: Some people were worried when you got off to a slow start in the minors, but you have rebounded recently. Any reason for the early struggles?

Bregman: Struggling is part of the game, and that period was a small sample size. I am feeling more comfortable now at Lancaster, and I hope that I can learn quickly to move through the system.

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CTH: Did you follow the Astros at all prior to them drafting you?

Bregman: I remember what Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio meant to the Astros back in their time. I remember watching them play a little. I became really interested in the Astros after playing in Minute Maid Park for the College Classic, so I started paying attention to them.

CTH: When you get the call to big leagues, who would you tell first?

Bregman: My Mom and Dad, they would be on the next flight out. For my first game, I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t have about 200 family or friends rooting for me.

Thank you, Alex, for taking the time to answer some of my questions for @AstrosCTH. Good luck with the rest of the season with Lancaster and we hope to see you with the Astros soon. If you want to follow the second overall draft pick by the Houston Astros, you can do so at @ABREG_1. Whether his future is at shortstop or some other position, he will be a big part of the Astros team in the 2017 season or so.

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