Keeping up with the Astros Prospects: 1B-3B Tyler White

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Tyler White Interview

White and Kemmer photo credit to Rich Guill (@QCBanditPhotog)

CTH: You were drafted in the 33rd round of the 2013 MLB draft, and now you are in Triple-A knocking on the Astros door. What has it been like to rise as fast as you have?

White: It has been a blessing, I have been so fortunate to play with so many great guys as well as great players. I have been fortunate enough to win a championship both years. I have enjoyed meeting so many people on my way up, as well as learning baseball from different players and coaches.

CTH: Are you ahead of your own time schedule in terms of potentially reaching the majors in 2015?

White: I wouldn’t say I really had a time schedule, I just try and take advantage of the opportunities I am given. No matter what level I am at I try and play the same way I always have, and do my best to help the team be successful. If I made it to the majors, I would do the same thing.

CTH: You have played for seven different teams in three years of professional ball, which one was your favorite stop?

White: I wouldn’t say that I have a favorite stop. Every level has its positives, Greeneville wasn’t far from home, so that was nice, but every level has been great so far.

White photo credit to Rich Guill (@QCBanditPhotog)

CTH: What is your natural position and which position do you like to play the most?

White: I’ve only played corner infelder since college besides about 20 games catching in college summer ball. I was a catcher up until high school, and then I played a lot of middle infielder. So naturally I would say I was a catcher because that is all I did growing up, but I have gone away from that so now just corner infield. I don’t care where I play as long as I am in the lineup.

CTH: Do you keep up with what is going on with the Astros in terms of first base and think that you could be next?

White: I do not pay much attention to all of that. I try and keep my mind on my game and improving as a player. Trying to control what I can control, if I handle that I believe that I will give myself a chance. I really have no idea if I could be next, but I do know I would love the opportunity.

CTH: What was it like winning the AA Home Run Derby and what player did you participate against that make you believe you had no chance?

White: I had a blast and winning in front of the Corpus fans was awesome. I am very competitive and was looking forward to participating. Fortunately, I got in a good groove, and Radison did a great job pitching to me. The guy I thought would win is Balbino Fuenmayor. He is a big RH hitter, in a park that favors RH hitters.

CTH: I understand that you were told at/after the All-Star game you were going to Fresno, walk us through what that was like.

White: They just told me in the office and gave me some advice about the promotion, and sent me on my way. It is always a scramble when you have to go play somewhere else. You have to pack and get everything situated before you get on a flight which is usually in the AM. That travel day is always really tough.

CTH: What type of player is Colin Moran, I think you took over for him after his injury?

White: He is a solid all-around player and a really good guy. His injuries this year were very unfortunate, but he got through them and has done great since.

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CTH: Which current baseball player do you model your game after?

White: I wouldn’t say I model my game after anyone. I really enjoy learning what other guys do and picking their brains trying to learn different things from different guys. My favorite player growing up was always Chipper Jones.

CTH: When you do get the call to the big leagues, who would you call first?

White: I would have to my mom because she is better at answering the phone than my dad.

I then asked him about his mustache,he responded, “Just went with it because a lot of us did in Corpus, and won the derby and have just stuck with it since.”

Thanks for taking the time to respond to these questions, I hope I will get a Twitter direct message shortly after you tell all the important people when you get the call. If you want to follow the Double-A Home Run Derby Champ, you can follow him at @twhite409 on Twitter. Good luck in your goal of reaching the bigs, I hope it’s sooner rather than later.

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