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Jon Kemmer Interview

CTH: I know you were drafted out of college by the Astros in the 21st round of the 2013 draft, were you on any draft boards out of high school?

Kemmer: Out of high school, I was not on any of the MLB draft boards. I had pretty good numbers but didn’t get many looks out of high school.

CTH: What is your best attribute as a baseball player?

Kemmer: My best attribute as a player is that I play the game as hard as anyone and I show up the park every day to play as hard as I possibly can.

CTH: What was like it like when you were drafted by the Astros, who did you tell first?

Kemmer: When I was drafted, I was actually in the batting cage at my local Little League field with my dad and girlfriend. It was the best feeling in the world to be able to share that experience with my dad and my girlfriend.

CTH: What is your experience in the past at first base?

Kemmer: My experience at first is limited. Before last year, I had not played first since probably my freshman year of high school.

CTH: How comfortable are you at first base?

Kemmer: My comfort level there is getting better. We have amazing coaches that help with everything I have trouble with.

CTH: Do you see yourself being able to maintain the high batting average when you reach the majors?

Kemmer: To be able to keep a high batting average in the MLB would be very hard, but with hard work I believe I could be able to one day be able to put good number in the big leagues.

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  • CTH: What clicked between Quad Cities and Lancaster last year that triggered the power surge?

    Kemmer: To be honest I can not tell you what clicked with my call up from Quad City to Lancaster. I’m sure if I could tell you I would make a great hitting coach.  But if I would have to guess it would be confidence.  Confidence and the belief that I could be a power hitter at the High-A level.

    CTH: People say Lancaster beefs up a player’s offensive numbers, is it a good feeling to continue hitting for power with the Hooks this year?

    Kemmer: It is a great feeling to be able to out up power numbers at a Double-A level. That was a big challenge to put up similar power number from High-A to Double-A. The weather conditions are way different, but I put a lot of work in the cage to be a good hitter at the Double-A level.

    CTH: Recently Lance McCullers Jr. called out Brett Phillips on Twitter as not being a good defender in centerfield. I know it was a joke, but can you give us an idea of what it’s like to play next to Phillips?

    Kemmer: It is always a treat to watch Brett play defense.  His speed gets him to a lot of balls most people can’t get to. And his arm from the outfield is one of the best I have seen. It is great to be able to play next to him in the outfield every day.

    CTH: What player do you model your game after?

    Kemmer: The player I have tried to mold my game around is a tough question.  I think I have given a different answer every time but if I could play like one player I would say Ken Griffey Jr. The way he had no regards for his body on defense and probably the prettiest swing every, I would love to be compared to him one day.

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    CTH: Which player have you played with or against, has made you say WOW?

    Kemmer: The player that opened my eyes was Carlos Correa. Everything he did when I played with him in Double-A was just unreal.

    CTH: What are three things Astros fans need to know about Jon Kemmer?

    Kemmer: Three things Astros fans need to know about me.  That’s a tough one to say the least, but fans should know I’m a hard worker. I hope my teammates agree that I’m a good teammate. And I’m very excited to wear the blue and orange some day.

    Thank you Jon Kemmer, for doing the interview, you can follow him on Twitter at @kemkem24. Good luck in your future Jon.

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