Houston Astros: CTH’s July Trade Deadline Preview

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Which Astros prospects are most likely on the move?

Jun 26, 2015; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Astros starting pitcher Vincent Velasquez (67) pitches against the New York Yankees in the top of the first inning at Minute Maid Park. Mandatory Credit: Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

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The Astros have used the past few years of the “process” to accumulate prospects through trades and drafting well. Through this time, Astros fans have paid more  attention to the minor league box scores. Fans have come to admire the prospects, and could be upset if their favorite is traded. Even though Domingo Santana and Jon Singleton are up right now with the Astros, the system has several players who could be ready to play in the big leagues right now.

Luhnow showed in the offseason that he is not afraid to trade a prospect or two if it improves the Astros major league roster. Prospects are unproven until they are able to produce at the major league level. The reason for accumulating a big group of prospects is that it increases your chances of having great players. To trade unproven prospects for proven prospects is a normal thing to do for teams in the hunt for the playoffs. You have to trade talent to get talent.

Let’s take a look at the Astros prospects that other teams will covet the most.

  • Brett Phillips – Mostly every call that Luhnow will receive will start off by asking about the availability of Phillips, who is a five-tool type player who could be an Alex Gordon or Andrew McCutchen type of player. Hopefully, Luhnow will see the value of Phillips and not trade him. Might be included in a Cole Hamels type trade, but I don’t want him to leave.
  • Tony Kemp – With Jose Altuve at second base, teams will be after the top Astros second base prospect Kemp. He will intrigue teams with his ability to score runs and play second and center field. This is a player who could be up with the Astros during the playoffs.
  • Vincent Velasquez – He is still considered a prospect, and his last game versus the Yankees could have opened a few people’s eyes.
  • Domingo Santana – His stock has probably risen with his most recent promotion, proving that he is not the player that donned the Astros uniform last year. He is looking comfortable at the plate, which could cause teams to want him.
  • Mark Appel – The former number one pick needs a change of scenery to jump start his career. He struggled with his first game at Triple-A but still offers top stuff.
  • Anyone from the 2015 draft- With the success of Luhnow and the Astros in the 2015 MLB Draft, many teams will be asking about the top five picks.

There are several other prospects who could be involved but just wanted to list some of the top prospects that other teams will be after. Buckle your seat belts, the rumors are about rule Twitter throughout July.

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Houston Astros: CTH’s July Trade Deadline Preview

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