With the 37th Pick, the Astros Draft Daz Cameron


You did not read that wrong, Daz Cameron was rated the fifth best prospect in the 2015 draft. However, there were concerns that he would only sign for a certain amount, which was only available in the first five picks of the draft. Jim Callis predicted that he expected Cameron to fall out of the first round because of signability issues. The Astros signed two people like that in 2012; their names were Lance McCullers and Rio Ruiz.

McCullers is now in the Houston rotation and Rio Ruiz was used to net Evan Gattis to the Astros. Could we add Cameron to the list of the shrewd moves by Jeff Luhnow? His tactics may have cost him the first overall pick last year, but it allows more financial flexibility this year where the Astros could get a player like Daz Cameron. So, who did the Astros select with their 37th pick?

With the 37th Pick, the Houston Astros Daz Cameron. 

This post was written ahead of time because Jim Callis was certain that Daz Cameron would fall to the Houston Astros. He is the son of Mike Cameron, who played in the major leagues for years. The following quote is from CTH’s Issa Cook post here, ”

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The following quote is from CTH’s

Issa Cook article here

, “Dazmon Cameron is a 6’0” 186 lb. Outfielder from Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy in McDonough, Georgia. Daz’s father,

Mike Cameron

, played in the MLB for 16 years with eight different teams, including the Padres, Mariners, Mets, and Brewers. Mike was a great MLB player, collecting 3 Gold Glove Awards and 1 appearance in the All-Star Game. But,

Mike Cameron

isn’t the Astros draft target here. Daz is currently committed to play baseball at Florida State, if the draft doesn’t work out the way he has it planned.”

There is a chance that he will still not sign with the Astros if that is the case he would be content to go to college. That’s why other teams are steering clear of Cameron, but a team with multiple picks like the Astros have can risk that. Jeff Luhnow is very lucky that the Rangers and Twins passed on him because once they did he became a target for the Astros.

For more about Cameron, here is some more quotes for Issa’s article that can be found here, “Cameron’s scouting report has him destined to be a right-handed contact hitter that can add some power due to his strong bat speed. He isn’t known to be exceptional with one tool. Instead, he’s known for being very solid in all five aspects of the game, something that is always music to scouts’ ears. Cameron is definitely more of a line drive hitter, spraying the ball all over the outfield, but not out of the park. He doesn’t quite have Billy Hamilton speed but he can steal a few bases and can turn it on to run down some baseballs hit into the gaps.”

Why Do the Astros Need Him?

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At that point in the draft, you have to take the best player available if you can. Daz Cameron is indeed the best available player in the draft, as he is considered like McCullers was of a top-10 overall pick with the 37th pick. You would have thought that someone would risk it to block the Astros from getting him. The Astros can end up with 3 of the top-eight overall ranked players.

Any major league team can use a player like Mike Cameron, so if his son is anything like him it will be a wise investment. I hope that there was already a deal worked out, because the Astros could use a pitcher more than an outfielder. However, you can’t pass up on Cameron’s ability.

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