Astros All-Star Update: Vote for the Infielders

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Second Base

The Astros have one person that people are constantly voting for, and this person is Jose Altuve. This is the same Jose Altuve who MLB Network called the sixth best second baseman right now. This undrafted international free agent has taken baseball by storm. Why are so many people voting for Altuve, is it because they love the Astros? Some would say that people root for the short guy

Some would say that people root for the short guy. For a example, how many of you are dreading the day that Tyrian Lannister gets killed off in the Game of Thrones? Jose Altuve, of the “Night’s Watch” has 2,020,143 votes, while his competitor, Omar Infante of the “Wildlings” has 1,442,990 votes. Yes, Infante plays for the Royals, let’s compare their stats to see who deserves the throne at second.

Sorry Royal fans, but the fact that Infante is in second place is a disgrace. There are other deserving players that you could be voting for. Altuve could have some competition down the road with Blue Jay second baseman Derion Travis.

Jose Altuve, have a seat on the iron throne, please.

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