Astros All-Star Update: Vote for the Infielders

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First Base

Remember back to the days when the Astros were in the NL Central, and Albert Pujols was dominating the vote at first base for the All-Star games? Those days are over, even though Pujols is starting to reestablish himself as a big time hitter. He does not lead in the vote but does fall in the top five All-Star vote-getters.

Miguel Cabrera leads the vote with a count of 2,123,752, followed closely by Eric Hosmer with 2,053,237 votes. Please don’t laugh as you read this, but does Chris Carter belong among the top five All-Star vote-getters? I told you not to laugh, let’s look at the stats.

This time, Miguel Cabrera should be on top of the heap at first base. Despite the close lead in votes, he has to fight off the computer savvy Royals fans who a trying to get all their boys into the All-Star game. Hosmer is worthy, but not over Cabrera. Don’t worry Royals fans, Hosmer’s day is coming.

Carter could earn a spot on the second half All-Star team if he starts hitting soon. Wait, they don’t have one, maybe next year Carter.

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