Astros Spring Training: Carlos Correa Is Whetting Our Appetites


Carlos Correa is sizzling in Spring Training this year. He’s showing no trouble bouncing back from a season-ending injury after breaking his leg and ankle last season, and while he won’t make the Major League roster out of camp, the young man is cooking up something nice.

The Houston Astros top-rated prospect has been nothing short of excellent in the 17 games he’s played, going .297 in 37 at bats, with 11 hits, a double, two home runs, five runs batted in, two walks, and a stolen base. He’s getting on base at a .333 clip and slugging .486.

Want to know how much Carlos Correa has improved? Consider these stats from his first Spring Training camps:

It’s just Spring Training. Should anyone care about “meaningless” stats?

No, we shouldn’t put too much stock (no cooking pun intended here) into what happens during Spring Training as  these guys are just getting warmed up for the regular season. But it’s like he was making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when he first started, and someone showed him how to grill a steak this year.

The internal buzz is exciting, like receiving comparisons to Alex Rodriguez and Manny Machado from his coaches. Since he isn’t due to get a call to the big show, however, Correa has yet to get smothered with attention from elsewhere (like a third base propect due to play in the Windy City). The smells coming the kitchen are tantalizing, but we Astros fans/followers are still the only ones at the table.

If he continues to impress in the minor leagues, by this time next year, the young shortstop should be in the national spotlight. Before we realize it, the timer will ding and he will be ready for big league action. If these Spring Training games are like hor dourves, just wait until when Carlos Correa is finally able to serve up his main course.

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