Astros Roster Predictions: Asher Wojciechowski


Before we get rolling on this post, I wanted to let everyone know my feelings on the fifth spot in the rotation. The competition is now down to two players, Roberto Hernandez and Asher Wojciechowski. In my opinion, Asher Wojciechowski has earned the spot with his 2015 spring numbers. However, in the world of being an Astros prospect, starting opening day with the team as a rookie is 99.99% unlikely.

If I was a betting man like a recent Astros player, I would put LARGE money on Hernandez making the team over Wojciechowski.

Wojciechowski versus Hernandez Spring Stats

Wow, Roberto Hernandez has won three games! How many games would he win in the regular season?

One of the unwritten rules of spring training is that you don’t pay attention to a pitcher’s win totals. They both have given up twelve hits, but Hernandez has done that in fewer innings due to a late start because of visa issues getting to America. So far in spring, the numbers don’t lie on who deserves to start the season.

Advantage: Wojciechowski

Major League Experience

The winner of the battle between the two pitchers on most MLB experience goes to Roberto Hernandez. Wojciechowski is eight years the junior of Hernandez, who are 26 and 34 respectively. Hernandez has been pitching for the past nine seasons. While he hasn’t pitched that well in recent years, he still offers that veteran presence in the pitching staff.

Advantage: Hernandez

Contract status

The Astros have accumulated many prospects over the past few years and they would like to hang onto their talents as long as they can. MLB came up with a rule about when prospects should be able to make their debut. I’m going to refer to this as the George Springer rule, where the team has to wait 12 days to promote their top prospects, without losing a year of service. Wojciechowski has options to go back to the minors, while Hernandez can’t.

As much as Astros fans hope that Wojciechowski makes the rotation, the penny-pinching Astros will try to gain that extra year by waiting patiently two weeks into the season. If Hernandez does not make the team, he will become a free agent that any other team can scoop up. If the Astros want to see what Hernandez can offer in the rotation, he needs to be on the team.

Advantage: Hernandez


To answer the question of who makes the Astros rotation, I will say that Roberto Hernandez will be given 3-4 starts with the Astros to see what he can offer. However, if Hernandez goes all Jerome Williams on them, Wojciechowski will get the call to the make his debut. This will allow for Wojo to get some confidence in the minors prior to his debut.

I still want to see Wojo make his debut on the opening day roster, but we have waited for a while to get this type of player, so what is another couple of weeks to wait?

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