Astros’ All-Time Best Seasons: Managers

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It is the eleventh and final of our Astros’ All-Time Best Seasons Series. I like to say we have saved the best for last, but it is dependent on your viewpoint. Some say the manager in baseball is absolutely pivotal, some say the manager does not do much but fill out a lineup card. I fall somewhere in between on that figure.

The Astros have fielded managers like Bo Porter who really did not have a chance from the start, to Larry Dierker who had more talent already in his lap then anyone could ask for. Grading managers is not an exact science, but I will do my best to highlight the top five managerial years in Houston Astros history. Hope you are reading A.J. Hinch!

Before we get started, feel free to review the excellent and heavily debated posts below.

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