Astros’ All-Time Best Seasons: First Base

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This is the 2nd article in a series we at Climbing Tal’s Hill are doing for “Astros’ All-Time Best Seasons.” We are looking for the top-5 seasons for a player at each position. For this article we will be looking at first base. Unlike the catching position, some star players have worn the Houston uniform at first base.

Have you ever thought about the “All-Time Best Seasons” for a Houston Astro first baseman? We decided to look into which first baseman had the best seasons in the history. The writers set a criteria that the players have to have played at least 100-games with the Astros that year.

While all 5 seasons could be dedicated to Jeff Bagwell, who is a hall of famer in any Houston fans eyes, other first basemen will be mixed in as well. However the national media has a different view of Bagwell.

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Besides Bagwell, name 4 other first basemen that have played for the Astros. Take your time, when you finish your list move on to the next slide to find out which first basemen had the best seasons as an Astro.

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