Astros’ All-Time Best Seasons: Closing Pitchers

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This is the tenth installment in our Astros’ All-Time Best Seasons Series. To catch up on who various writers chose as their top five at each position, please view the links below. Also, be sure to vote on your favorites as soon as possible! On February 22, Thomas will recap the entire series.

The discussion on closing pitchers is my second contribution to this series at Climbing Tal’s Hill. I have always been more fascinated with pitching and defense, so I really appreciate the opportunity to learn about Astros history.

Given my young age, I don’t have many memories from the late 90’s. In the early days of Minute Maid Park, I do recall the left field line once featuring a radar gun, occasionally flashing triple-digit heat from the original Sandman, alongside various stock prices.

So here are my selections for the top-5 seasons among closers in Astros’ history.

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