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Harrell & Lyles have “heated confrontation”


The Houston Chronicle’s Brian T. Smith is reporting that Lucas Harrell and Jordan Lyles were involved in a “heated confrontation” earlier in the week. The incident took place Tuesday while the Astros were in St. Louis to play the Cardinals.

Harrell had been demoted to the bullpen only two days earlier. Although the nature and subject matter of the argument remains unknown, one can’t help but wonder if Harrell’s demotion may have been a tipping point.

To his credit, Astros manager Bo Portertried to keep things quiet. But word of the disagreement leaked out of the Astros inner circle earlier today. Smith’s article includes brief quotes from both of the pitchers as well as the following comments from Porter.

"At some point in a household there’s going to be disputes. It happens. It’s part of the game. It actually should never leave the clubhouse. You discuss it. You figure out your differences and you move on.A lot of times when you have a wake-up call, sometimes it actually sends the person in a direction in which they need to go. I feel like he is definitely making strides and he is headed in the direction in which we all believe he needs to go."

Porter is obviously speaking about Harrell in the second line of that quote. After a breakout 2012 season, Harrell’s 2013 campaign has been filled with challenges. It will be interesting to see how he handles the adversity moving forward. So far… not so good.

Lucas Harrell (Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports)