Lance Berkman could miss the rest of the season


Lance Berkman is scheduled to undergo surgery on his right knee this morning in Houston. Berkman has torn meniscus on both sides of the knee and his ACL shows evidence of being stretched. Berkman is under the impression that the ACL is seriously damaged and his season is over. The surgery will be performed by Dr. Mark Adickes.

Berkman had planned on traveling to Vail, Colorado to have the procedure performed by Dr. Tom Clanton at the Steadman Clinic. Dr. Clanton, the orthopedist for the Houston Texans football team, has endorsed Berkman’s decision to have the surgery performed by Dr. Adickes in his hometown. Adickes is a renowned surgeon who attended Harvard Medical School after spending six seasons as a guard in the NFL. Adickes was a member of the Washington Redskins Super Bowl winning team in 1991.

Berkman originally said that the injury didn’t feel as bad as when he tore his ACL a few years ago. But after a couple of days with no improvement the former Astro has changed his tune. Berkman injured the knee Saturday night while stretching to make a catch and was placed on the disabled list. A calf injury put Berkman on the D.L. earlier this season and he has appeared in only 13 games thus far. Odds are Lance won’t be running onto the field for a 14th time this year.