What could Yordan Alvarez's latest Instagram post with Luis Robert Jr. mean?

Yordan Alvarez posted a photo with Luis Robert Jr. without any context on Wednesday. Could the rumors of the Astros interest in Robert Jr. be coming to fruition?
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The off-season is filled with rumor after rumor. Opinions and dreams are shared as the best lineup imaginable is built on paper. For the Astros to have the best lineup possible, landing another superstar would need to occur.

Could Yordan Alvarez' latest Instagram post be hinting at such a thing happening?

One day after White Sox GM Chris Getz went on the record that no White Sox player is untouchable, Yordan Alvarez decided to get the rumor mill going.

Without any context, Alvarez posted a throwback photo to his Instagram story of himself and Luis Robert Jr. He incorporated two emojis covering his eyes.

Could the Astros trade for Luis Robert Jr.?

Now, with as young as the two are, he could be using the emojis because of embarrassment at how young and little the two future All-Stars are. Or could Alvarez know something and be building on the Robert Jr. to Houston rumors.

Houston was believed to be in on Dylan Cease and Luis Robert Jr. at the trade deadline, but nothing came to fruition. If such a deal took place this offseason, Houston's window of contention stays open even longer.

Robert is coming off of a 5.1 bWAR season in which he hit .264 with 38 home runs and posted an .857 OPS. The center fielder also stole 20 bases and was worth 6 DRS and 12 outs above average. Needless to say, he would be a massive addition to the Astros both offensively and defensively.

Landing a piece like Robert Jr. would be the type of deal the Astros haven't made since landing Gerrit Cole in 2018/Zack Greinke in 2019.

He's only 26, and while Robert Jr. does have some injury concerns, his best baseball likely is still ahead of him.

So what is it? Does Yordan know something the rest of us don't? Or was he just having some Wednesday afternoon fun at the expense of his friend?

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